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Leporellos printed, with very individual logo, are an effective advertising product. Leporellos are folding boxes, from high quality foil, in which postcards and photos, or brochures can be superbly presented.

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Leporellos folded accordion-shaped, and are printed by the presentation to the individual and unique product. Multiple uses make Leporellos the perfect storage helpers of different papers. Leporellos are ideal for study, certificates and other official papers and documents. In the classroom Leporellos can be used if so school work is best presented. Especially in the field of marketing are leporellos, which pierce through the individual printed foil, particularly prominent of great value. Promotional material can be optimally protected. Fancy packaged the prospectus yet effective advertising. For trail maps or guide Leporellos are the first choice of printed foil. Due to the small size of the walker always has the right overview and does not have to deal with a large map on the way. The individual design to transform Leporellos with printed name is a popular gift. Leporellos are unbeatable when it comes to great presentation and convenient protection. Leporellos are second to none when it comes to special packaging. Leporellos can be easily closed with a snap. Leporellos printed or embossed in individual sizes. Above all photos receive a personal touch when the names of the wedding couple or the newborn baby are printed on the foil. Leporellos are now the great companion, in all weathers, when documents are not to be wet.

Print on leporellos, according to individual desires, is quite easy. The leporellos client can send its layout, then heinelt.de takes over everything else for the customer. Desires, no matter whether simple or special requirements, just send email to heinelt.de, then an individual design is proposed. Just send a message and the best advice is guaranteed. Professional design and design is guaranteed by years of experience. For any content optimal solution is designed. Best quality and high quality workmanship for leporellos by a professional.

Color preference, whether discreet and classic style, or even crazy and flashy, all are feasible. Even when the format is appropriate measure can be found in every case. Custom sizes can be printed as desired, make the foil for folding with safety to the product that is tailored to you and your wishes. Professionalism and individuality are the guarantees that you get a product that you are highly satisfied and can be ordered at any time. Even with volume requirements of any kind can be considered. Refer to the online catalog; you can already make a preselecting. They prefer the personal interview? Our hotline is at your disposal for a personal consultation.