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Hanging sleeves are unbeatable to present price cards. See labels in the individual bags hanging from the top. Also the individual mounting of printed hanging sleeves makes for a bestseller.

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Hanging sleeves are ideal in the food service and hospitality industry to place individual name tags of different ice cream flavors. For pastry, bakery and butcher the hanging sleeves are also very popular when it comes to chic pricing bags. To accommodate the control list for cooling homes individual hanging sleeves are also suitable. The foil of the printed hanging sleeves manages that the labels are not affected by moisture. The effective hanging bags are a great way to show labels on ice cream stand, restaurant inside showcase or at the meat counter. The small protective sleeves present the name of the food as well as the prices in high quality foil. The individual hanging sleeves protects against dirt and stains and gives the label or price tag the right framework. The individual hanging sleeves can also be used for the accommodation of warning signs on construction sites and repainting. For nursery school, or employment office and other public institutions the printed hanging sleeves are perfect to hang latest actions or changes. Basically the printed hanging sleeves are designed by custom printed packaging for any use in sales. The hanging sleeves are of various shapes and sizes as well as individual hanging solutions. Depending on the needs of the customer wishes can be react to. Also attaching of the eyelets can be punched to suit individual requirements. The bags are very versatile and score points very clearly by the individual design.

The layout for printing the hanging sleeves stands already? Then simply send to us, heinelt.de, and we start with production of printed hanging sleeves after agreeing on size and desired number of pieces. Printed or embossed according to your wishes. The expert advice at heinelt.de guarantees you to produce the right product for you, which fits exactly into your concept. Let yourself be counselled in format up to a layout, color up to print because we are the long-standing, experienced foil specialist who produces it. This makes us flexible in all areas.

In order quantities we love going to your wishes, also small quantities of printed bags can be ordered. The high-quality foil is produced with the desired suspension. The bags are available with wended hole, or with punched eyelet. You need euro standards? Then we offer you the hanging sleeves with euro standards. Heinelt.de is the expert when quality is in demand in material and workmanship. The foils are printed in very individual style and presentation that attracts attention and speaks surely for your customers.