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Suspenders clips printed with individual design are very obvious and therefore make an impression. Through the printed, individual style suspenders clips are very chic accessories that have a distinct look and hold cards at best fit.

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Suspenders clips are small but nice accessories printed with individual character. They are fashionable accessories and fallen by the individual design. Suspenders clips are processed from the finest materials and of high quality. The quality of product is very interesting, especially through the printed presentation draws it attention to itself. Suspenders clips are great to attach parts. Membership cards and press passes can be easily snapped. Security gives the good workmanship and durable foil that withstands every movement. Best use of printed suspenders clips is at concerts and large events. At entrances and controls cliped on ID can be seen immediately. For companies that have smart cards in use, all control areas are easily passable, with your suspenders clips with individual design, since membership is available at a glance on the smart card. There are different types and formats that are suitable for all cards, and perfectly understand your needs. The individual packaging makes the product a special little clip.

The layout for the suspender clip is designed according to their individual needs, so that the layout meets all requirements. Security of attachment is very important because often special passes will be appended to the suspender clip that must not be lost. They can trust the printed suspenders clips quite as has years of experience in the production of individual suspenders clips to offer. We are the foil producer, who has been on all of the accessories that are incurred in foil and maps, specializing. The individuality of the products show the foil specialist who focuses primarily on quality and great design.

With the format and size all wishes will be fulfilled. The special feature of is that also order requests it’s all about the individual desires. That means even the smallest quantities are capable errand. The color in the foils can also be ordered individually. Suspenders clips can be set in scene with the logo of your company, or with special lettering. Printing is of course according to the wishes of the customer. Suspenders clips are therefore a product that is perfectly tailored to your company. At concerts and other events, the printed suspenders clips are unbeatable and score with the fabulous design. When it comes to accessories, such as the suspenders clip that shine above all by the simple handling and heavy duty foil, you are definitely right with us. Since we are the foil specialist, who tunes all products completely by your needs.