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CD/DVD packaging are indispensable if CD and DVD should be protected from scratching and dust. The individual CD/DVD packaging can be printed at will to be an unique packaging of data memory.

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The printed CD/DVD packaging are for safekeeping of a CD suitable but also ideal for many of data storage. The high-quality foil processing and professional CD/DVD packaging score by individual print and special design. The CD/DVD packaging can be printed with logo or department name and all other requirements. The printed CD/DVD packaging can be glued in because they are self-adhesive. The filing in a folder caters for overview and good organization, this variant is also possible with printed CD/DVD packaging. The format is available for purchase in circular design or in angular shape. CD/DVD packaging should be optimal in companies which need to store a lot of data. By the individual CD/DVD packaging remains the storage media without scratches and dirt at his best. The foil is made from PP. This is polypropylene and priplak, a very wearing material which protects against moisture and is guaranteed tear resistant. Foils have been made from this high quality material perfect to conjure products that are used in everyday office. Important data are stored securely and well in the CD/DVD packaging. The CD/DVD packaging is produced by the foil specialists themselves, guaranteing the best quality and a long life.

The layout for the individual presentation can simply be sent to us, or be designed brand new after prior of intensive counseling. The finished design is perfectly tailored for your company and its needs. The format in round shape or in angular look is freely selectable. The choosing colors can also be determined according to your own wishes. It will be also printed according to the wishes of customer. Self-adhesive or rather for filing? The merits you will find in our counseling session because wants to work above all individual orders that fit in perfectly with the customer. The printed CD/DVD packaging are of course also effective in advertising. Hotel CD or Info CD is in the CD/DVD packaging really great marketing tools that stand mainly by the individual design.

Flexibility is our motto, because is also in order quantity a genuine commitment to customer wishes. Small amounts become also printed as professional large orders. Because produced itself, all claims can be satisfied by order quantity to format. Trust our many years of experience as foil specialist, because we at rely on best quality and best workmanship. Individual needs, such as the CD/DVD packaging to be printed, make us the best provider of foil products, with a competent specialist knowledge and professional advice.