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Card sleeves are always a great give away by the individual design. Everyone needs the printed card sleeves to hold credit cards and other bank cards scratch-free. The individual design of the printed card sleeves brings the cards a distinct look.

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Safety in the custody of the money cards is immensely important. Protection of the magnetic stripe on the card has the highest priority. Because a defective magnetic stripe on money card leads to embarrassing situations if it cannot be paid with it because the card reading device does not accept the card. Avoid these situations by protecting your cards with the individual card sleeves of The material of the printed card sleeves can be made of flexible foil or far more stable durable hard foil. Used are the printed card sleeves for the cards and health insurance for the new licenses and ID cards. Member cards are also kept well in the individual, printed card sleeves. The thumb grip is integrated in the card sleeves, which contributes to a fast access of the card. Great ease of use, stable, unbreakable shell, everything from quality materials and superior workmanship. The individual card sleeves can be customized as desired. Especially banks like to put their logo on the card sleeves to effectively advertise on the bench. Membership cards obtained by the printed card sleeves a great individual presentation. In catering industry are mainly cards of catering companies that are required for the payment systems in the canteen tucked in the printed card sleeves. Also in hotel’s individual card sleeves can be used for the room key cards.

Take advantage of the unique advertising space on the card sleeves to advertise for your business. Whether bank or hotel, whether gym or disco, with card sleeves every business can be applied perfectly by the imprint of the logo. Put the color to draw attention to your company or studio. Printed can be with layout that we design specifically for you. The concept is tailored to your wishes and demands. Professional advice that is guaranteed by years of experience assures you a product that is printed individually.

The size can be tailored to individual requirements. The material is selected according to your needs. There is a choice of soft covers foil or heavy duty foil. Order is very flexible. As with all other details your wishes are also entered especially. Sleeves that are impressive and great eye-catcher are designed by us the foil producer with an eye for detail. Show your logo on quality sleeves that are individual and perceived by customers.