Calendar cover strips

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The individual presentation of calendar cover strips through the printed design is a great eye catcher. Calendar cover strips are printed marketing tools that go down well with the customer.

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The printed calendar cover strips are often used for affixing the company’s address, or the logo. Through the printed calendar cover strips obtained not only the date but also information that can be determined by the individual printing. The individual calendar cover strips are ideal to equip calendars that are given away to customers. The printed calendar cover strips are ideal because they can be easily installed by the self-adhesive version. The printed calendar cover strips with business card sleeves are great to store the data of the contact person. The individual calendar cover strips are great cases to protect the edges of the calendar from creases and cracks. Due to the different designs you have the option to choose the model that is used for individual wish fulfillment. The printed calendar cover strips reinforced with cardboard provide more stability and are more durable. But you also have the choice of transparent calendar cover strips. The colored calendar cover strips are not as understated as the banner, they are flashy, they are more eye-catching and provide for an effective advertising presence. The strong calendar cover strips offer a great free advertising space, they are made of high-quality foil and have a good quality workmanship. Trust us, the foil specialists when it comes to high-quality foil products, such as the calendar tabs. The concept individually created that is tailored to your company comes.

The layout is created by our team according to your wishes. We use the guidelines, if you already have a layout, but also search for the right solution for your company, if a new layout for printing the individual calendar cover strips is nesessery. We tailor a plan for your business to ensure that all needs and requirements of your company are met. The format and size are of course completely tailored to the calendar of your choice. The color should fit well with your company. Don’t forget the recognition effect of customers for a color. Because the colors of the printed calendar cover strips should be brought in connection with your business by customer.

The qunatity of individual calendar cover strips can be ordered according to your needs. We at are very flexible since we produce it. That means we can focus on your contract. From layout to printing you have a professional team on your side. For questions our hotline is at your disposal. We are the specialists for years for foils with individual design, and the professionals when it comes to printing on foil products, such as the calendar cover strips.